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      The Callenders' carriage horses were greatly taxed in their nerves, yet they kept their discretion. Kept it even when now the battery flashed from column into line and bore down upon them, the train meanwhile whooping on toward Carrollton. And what an elated flock of brightly dressed citizens and citizenesses had alighted from the cars--many of them on the moment's impulse--to see these dear lads, with their romantically acquired battery, train for the holiday task of scaring the dastard foe back to their frozen homes! How we loved the moment's impulse those days!"Doesn't the boat appear to you to tremble more than ever?" was the sole response.

      Which? The lady, do you mean? he asked.He walked to the door, then paused, and looked back at her. She stood quite motionless, gazing vacantly into the night. He sighedit was very nearly a groanand then, like an idiot, went out and left her.

      Never! she breathed, Adas voice still in her ears.

      Never! she breathed, Adas voice still in her ears.

      One more question, said Varley. A rather delicate one, Im afraid. You said that there was another lady whom[339] you might have made your wife; will you think me unduly inquisitive if I ask you to tell me her name?


      "Talk of? Charlie. He said I ought to make Charlie join the battery."


      "But you do please her. She's told me so."


      Something in it made Varleys heart jump as it had not hitherto leaped that night. He reined in his plunging horse for a moment.