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      Why not? he said, evidently amused.

      AustraliaI have never been there, he said, musingly. And do you like Englandwhat you have seen of it, Miss Chetwynde?

      You must come and see me, said Lady Ada. Ask Lady Wyndover to bring you as soon as she can; and you must tell me allall your difficulties. Things must seem so strange to you, just at first, and perhaps I can help you.

      You shall drive as many as you like, he said. Ill get you a pair.

      She looked at Esmeralda with intent interest and admiration, and when Lady Wyndover mentioned Esmeraldas name, Madame Cerises interest grew quite vivid, for the story of Esmeraldas fortune had already got into the society papers.


      "Yes," replied Anna, "she knows already."


      Esmeralda, on this evening, wore the second of her ball-dresses, and as Lady Wyndover declared, Madame Cerises taste had never been employed to better advantage. The dress was still too low to altogether please Esmeralda, but as she knew by her two nights experience that there were many still lower, she submitted. Their arrival at Lady Villiers created quite a little sensation. The well-dressed mob in a London ball-room does not shout or wave its handkerchief, but it can stare and whisper together; and in this, and in several other ways, it displayed its curiosity and interest. Esmeralda was very soon surrounded, and her card would have been filled up to the last item, but she reserved several spaces, notwithstanding the ardent protests which assailed her.


      They could have done so, yes, said Varley. Dogs Ear is growing clever. But I suppose it is off now? They know you heard them?